Divided by the Sea 

The small city of Reggio Calabria in southern Italy has seen the arrival of thousands of refugees who make the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea in hopes of finding better living conditions. Who are they? Who is receiving them? Behind the overwhelming numbers are a multitude of human stories.

Divided by the Sea is a collection of multimedia stories about the Mediterranean refugee crisis and its impact on this one Italian city. Through this project we seek to provide a platform for intimate and humane stories from both those who are migrating, as well as the communities that are seeing an unprecedented influx of people.

The interactive website was supported by a VIMY award and won first place for Digital Storytelling at the Society of News Design and Gold for Multimedia Project at the College Photographer of the Year Awards. In addition to the interactive website, Divided by the Sea has been exhibited at University of North Carolina's Center for Global Initiatives and the John Hope Franklin Center at Duke University.

Visit dividedbythesea.com for the full interactive project. 

Role: Co-Producer and Co-Director

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