Forward is a virtual reality film series that explores the conflicting feelings of home, hope and place within five individual stories of human migration. Each film recreates the migration journey through a blend of cinematic 360° film, visual illustrations, Google Maps data and documentary audio.

A man recounts hopping freight trains from Honduras through Mexico, and we follow along. A young girl recalls the streets where she played soccer with friends and the smell of her mother’s cooking alongside the stories of war and political upheaval, and we see scenes of the way her life used to be and illustrations of the things that fell apart. A Syrian mother explains the overcrowded boats and the processing centers, those who aided, those who exploited.

We trek alongside in a sort of solidarity, feeling what home, movement and place might mean for someone in the center of the modern migration experience.

Forward was part of the Oculus Development Lab program and is being workshopped with the Knight Foundation through the Sundance Institute. The project is being produced in collaboration with the United Nations VR team and Native Agency, an agency focused on empowering local storytellers to share the stories of their own communities. We are currently in production and are seeking funding to complete the project. 

Role: Director