In Chichewa, the national language of Malawi, Zione means “you are born and you will now face the challenges of the world.” It is the name of Zione Chungu, a nurse-midwife who has selflessly served her community of Kasinje as a nurse-midwife for many years.

On five separate occasions, Zione has experienced what in Malawi they call Intrauterine Death (IUD), a condition where the baby dies in the uterus before childbirth. Most recently, she experienced this at eight months pregnant while working as a midwife in the clinic.

Despite her own difficulties with conception, Zione carries herself with strength and a love for helping mothers. Her passion for her work is undeniable.

Through a partnership with CARE International, Zione has helped improve the treatment at the hospital. She says that while it is difficult to see women deliver babies when she can't have a baby of her own that she loves her job and caring for the women and mother in the clinic. She believes that when the community comes together, great change is possible and they can together find a way forward.

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